Reading 4 Q3

Perceived web credibility is constantly changing, due to advancements in technology and it’s continued mainstream acceptance.

  • The wide range induction of internet access on hand-held devices will see changes in the perception of web credibility. Web designers have begun tailoring websites for hand held devices taking into consideration smaller screens. Mobile webpage’s see a reduction in graphics and animations due to the high amount of bandwidth required, which is often not accessible on hand held devices. Judging the overall credibility of a website based purely on aesthetic design becomes much harder on a webpage modified for hand held devices.
  • As online shopping continues to grow so too will the availability and range of products purchasable over the internet. In future years it will be considered common place to have groceries ordered online and delivered. This brings with it the possibility of fraudulent websites.
  • We see a wider range of users accessing the internet, including a younger generation. Younger generations are particularly susceptible to fraudulent websites and uncreditable information.

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